About Us

AUDIT-VID’s mission is to leverage our professional experience and resources to ensure long-term success and maximum performance for our clients. Consistently provide excellence in the quality of our service and build public trust in national audit programs. To achieve these objectives, we have brought together a team of highly skilled experts with long, proven track records in the areas of audit, accounting and taxation, supported by law professionals.

Our key asset is a well-organized team of dedicated professionals: accountants, auditors, lawyers.

Our key focus is to consistently achieve the greatest results possible for our clients, while engaging in continuing professional self-development in order to expand the existing knowledge base.

Our professional commitment to our clients’ interests and needs is the key priority for our team. We quickly and effectively react to any changes in statutory policies and regulations that affect the operations of Ukrainian companies and organizations. The quality of our service is reflected in the high levels of expertise and qualifications of our personnel, their professional certification, as well as client testimonials and recommendations. Based on the principles of mutual respect, transparency, and complete confidentiality, the terms of our professional engagement are defined by contract and govern the relationship between us and our clients.

AUDIT-VID has a wealth of experience partnering with organizations and businesses across diverse industries and sectors. Our regular clients include many well-known companies in Ukraine with different forms of ownership (specifically those working in sales, the automotive sector, building and construction, dealership and manufacturing), as well as investment companies, commercial banks, and insurance agencies.

Why choose us?

                            We promise you the following benefits when you choose us as your partner:

  • Confidentiality, objectivity, independence;
  • Compliance with all national laws and regulations;
  • Compliance with International Auditing Standards;
  • Adherence to the Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct;
  • High-quality guidance and advice on all matters relevant to auditing, accounting, taxation, etc.

While striving for leadership among professional service providers in the audit industry of Ukraine, AUDIT-VID seeks broad-based recognition with international clients.

Our history

AUDIT-VID & Co., an audit firm based in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, has been active as a provider of audit services in Ukraine since June 1995. State Registration Certificate no. 11031200000009792 officially establishing our status as a business entity was issued by the Zaporozhye City Council in accordance with the Directive Order as of June 20, 1995 (no. 1164).

We operate on the basis of Certificate of Inclusion in the Register of Audit Firms and Auditors (no. 0945 as of Jan. 26, 2001) subsequently extended until 2015, and Certificate of Auditor (Series ‘А’no. 003660) issued by the Audit Chamber of Ukraine (Resolution no. 25 as of Feb. 14, 1995)subsequently extended until 2016. The firm was established by private individuals who are citizens of Ukraine.

As a result of the expanding scope of operations and the need to implement more rigorous requirements for quality control on audits, in September 1999, the AUDIT-VID company was established to provide audit and legal services as its principal area of focus. The firm was duly recorded in the Register of Audit Firms and Auditors and issued with Certificate no. 2162 as of Jan. 26, 2001 (Resolution no. 98 adopted by the Audit Chamber of Ukraine). State Registration Certificate no. 1 103 120 0000 9796 as of Sept. 07, 1999.


In 2001, the firm’s founding members established Legal Agency VID(JSC) (State Registration Certificate no. 1 103 120 0000 009793 as of June 07, 2001), which is focused on offering legal services to various businesses regardless of the form of ownership.

Audit-Vid, firm of auditors based in Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Provider of all types of audit, accounting, and legal services
Our Telephone Numbers: +38(067)614-05-18, +38(061)220-08-40, +38(061)220-99-93
Our Address: city of Zaporozhye (Ukraine), Sobornyi Prospekt, Building 161, Office 10