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AUDIT-VID collaborates with public sector entities, financial institutions, not-for-profit organizations, as well as private firms and companies. Our policies are designed to create enduring trust-based relationships with our partners and clients. Much emphasis is placed on the needs and interests of our partners and clients, regardless of the form of ownership.

 With more than fifteen years of experience in the audit industry, AUDIT-VID has proven its worth as a reliable partner who can effectively protect a client’s interests in all institutional settings. With a client’s wishes and budget firmly in mind, we deliver tailor-made business management solutions that answer all of the client’s needs in the most cost-effective manner possible. This strategy is ultimately designed to unleash the client’s vision for long-term business success.

 AUDIT-VID’s regular clients include well-known companies in Ukraine with different types of ownership, including businesses with a focus on sales and marketing, building and construction, the automotive industry, dealership and manufacturing, as well as insurance companies, investment funds and banks.

We provided statutory audit services to the business entities listed below:

— Kredo-Invest (LLC) (agency dealing in securities)
— Zaporozhye High-Voltage Equipment Plant — Vakatov & Co (limited partnership)
— YuK Demos (credit union)
— Dyachenko, Skrypka. Pawnshop, YuK Demos (private company)
— Elekrotekhnologiya (public joint-stock company)
— Energodarbud (open joint-stock company)
— ZAZ (automotive manufacturer) (PJSC)
— Kashtan (insurance company) (private joint-stock company)
— Nikitich, Perediy Karat Pawnshop (private company)
— Partner Pawnshop Vivenko & Co. (private company)
— Myadelets V.K., Myadelets A.Ya. — Pawnshop (general partnership)
— Pivdentransenergo (JSC)
— SK PSA (insurance company) (private joint-stock company)
— Zaporozhye Plant Peretvoryuvach (public joint-stock company)

Pivdentransenergo (JSC) has partnered with AUDIT-VID (LLC) for more than ten years. Professionalism and competency in all matters relevant to tax, accounting, regulatory and legal issues as well as many other areas are the key factors that drive our decision in choosing this company as our audit service provider as part of this long-term business relationship.

In the course of all these years, their highly qualified auditors have conducted audits and provided advisory services for our company in the area of taxation and accounting. This experience assists our company in keeping on top of regulatory and legislative changes. Supported by legal aid from AUDIT-VID (LLC), we are in a better position to have our interests effectively represented in judicial settings. Our collaboration with AUDIT-VID has resulted in a significant improvement in the reliability and quality of our business and tax accounting systems and a reduction in financial risk.

Throughout all these years, this collaboration has always been mutually beneficial and successful, providing good value and a pleasant experience!

L. Shuklin, Chairman of the Board
M. Radionova, Chief Accountant


Elekrotekhnologiya (PJSC) specializes in the manufacture of specialist process equipment across diverse industry sectors, primarily exported to other countries. Our collaboration with AUDIT-VID (LLC) was established in 2002. Distinguished by an impeccable reputation, a strong corporate capacity, high business activity, and broad-based IT savvy, this audit firm offers a comprehensive range of service capabilities. Over the many years of dealing with this company, we have had countless opportunities to appreciate the high professional standards and expertise of their staff on all matters related to audit work or litigation against tax authorities. We are fully satisfied with the service AUDIT-VID (LLC) delivers, and look forward to our continued business relationship for years to come.

A. Rayevsky, Chief Accountant


Zaporozhye Plant Peretvoryuvach (PJSC) has been a regular client of AUDIT-VID (LLC) for roughly ten years. This firm offers a wide range of high-quality services with a focus on business accounting, audit, and tax advice. AUDIT-VID (LLC) is staffed by well-trained and committed specialists, demonstrating a remarkable level of expertise and professionalism. While delivering exceptional client-centered service on a consistent basis, they are always behind us and always ready to offer sound advice or answer any question. We deeply appreciate their service.




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