Legal representation for businesses involved in court disputes over economic issues

  • Legal representation for businesses involved in court disputes over economic issues

AUDIT-VID (audit firm) has extensive experience acting as a legal representative for businesses in economic disputes in all court instances, including the Superior Commercial Court, throughout the whole of Ukraine.

The key strategy adopted by AUDIT-VID operating out of Zaporozhye (Ukraine) is first and foremost to develop an action plan to resolve any dispute over economic issues through reaching an amicable settlement out of courtin order to avoid additional costs for our clients, court fees included, as well as save time.

 Failing to reach an agreement on the problem issue with our clients’ opponents, our qualified specialists will prepare and file a claim with the court. When filing a claim with the court, we make an effort to maximize the claims under the lawsuit on behalf of our clients, demanding the largest amounts possible in fines, penalties, annual interest payments, and other penal sanctions for our clients’ opponents who are in breach of obligations. Once the claim is filed with the court and a hearing scheduled, AUDIT-VID (audit firm) provides strong legal representation to the clients in a court setting, offering access to an unlimited spectrum of options and remedies to provide the clients with the most comprehensive and effective legal representation possible in the context of procedural law.

 In addition, we at AUDIT-VID represent our clients throughout enforcement proceedings until the amount due has been collected. Also, AUDIT-VID (audit firm) is experienced in corporate dispute resolution, ensuring maximum benefit to the client.

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