Legal representation for businesses involved in court disputes with tax authorities in Zaporozhye (Ukraine)

  • Legal representation for businesses involved in court disputes with tax authorities in Zaporozhye (Ukraine)

Compared to disputes over economic issues, etc., tax disputes represent a relatively new concept in the legal profession.

With the coming in force of the Tax Code of Ukraine in 2011, all regulatory and legislative requirements related to taxation effective in Ukraine (starting from 1991) are organized in a consistent manner. Slightly before that, the Code of Administrative Court Procedure was passed in Ukraine, which established a new judicial institution, i.e., a system of administrative courts of Ukraine.

Following that development, disputes with tax authorities are supposed to be resolved in administrative courts, as opposed to the previous practice.

AUDIT-VID, our audit firm operating out of Zaporozhye, Ukraine, has more than fifteen-years of experience in legal support and representation for taxpayers involved in court disputes over tax issues. Successful professional experience gained over this time has assisted us in honing our effective strategies for safeguarding client assets. Our interventions have ensured that no client asset has been lost in the meanwhile.

At this point in time, the Tax Code of Ukraine envisages that the extent of tax payment obligations arising as a result of inspections by tax authorities may be agreed upon and defined as part of the pre-trial procedure.We actively leverage this resource in two judicial settings — on the regional level and in Kiev. Higher-level tax authorities will investigate the taxpayer’s alleged tax offense recorded in the inspector’s report in greater detail. In addition, as a legal representative of client businesses, we personally engage with and submit additional documentation to tax authorities in order to justify and defend our views. As a result of all the steps described above, tax-related complaints are adjusted through the intervention of higher-level tax authorities during the pre-trial settlement process.

Travel costs (associated with visits to the offices of the Ministry of Revenues and Duties based in Kiev) shall be the only expenses incurred in such a case.

As part of the court appeal procedure, a tax inspector’s report findings are contested in three stages: in a district administrative court, an administrative court of appeal, and the supreme administrative court. As opposed to the pre-trial appeal procedure, which may take up to four months, court proceedings take much longer. During that period, no penalty is charged, and no delinquent tax obligations are deemed outstanding (as not defined), hence,in the meanwhile, the business may continue to operate in a normal fashion.

Throughout the court proceedings, AUDIT-VID uses outside-the-box strategies to increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. These may include filing a petition for forensic accounting investigation, requesting special-purpose audit engagements, expert appraisal reports, filing motions for reconsideration based upon newly discovered evidence, application for a stay of proceedings due to another action already pending in a court of another jurisdiction, etc.Also, we adopt comprehensive strategies to protect the legal interests of taxpayers in a court of law.

 On the strength of the foregoing, AUDIT-VID has an extremely high success rate of reversing court rulings on tax-related cases. Always on track to achieve a new set of professional development goals and further improve our practices and procedures, we always keep up with the times!

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