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It’s common knowledge that the government tends to close the budget gaps on a regular basis through an excessive fiscal burden on businesses. There is good reason for entrepreneurs to expect particularly harsh challenges in this area at the end of this fiscal year. Based on analysts’ reports, the country is on the brink of a default, and the government coffers are running on empty.

 Strict compliance policies are in place and rigorous audits on businesses are conducted by inspecting authorities to identify fictitious, void, or fraudulent transactions. This type of audits serves as a source of additional income for tax agencies, thus helping the government deal with funding constraints, while providing the judicial system with an increased case load. While the possibility of transition to online tax audits is being debated in the media, tax inspectors are still frequent visitors to the offices of entrepreneurs and businesses. More often than not, these tax audits result in fines, lawsuits, and a huge headache for the business owner and company officials.

 The question that arises in this context is how to most effectively contest the audit findings.

 Based on the tax code, the approach of tackling fiscal agents through legal procedure is the only strategy that works. It should be additionally pointed out that we at AUDIT-VID (Zaporozhye, Ukraine) have been increasingly approached by clients in recent times on matters related to so-called ‘non-standard export operations.’

 In the common opinion of taxing authorities, a steel manufacturer is not supposed to export confectionery products to an overseas destination. This would be in conflict with the provisions of the country’s Civil and Commercial Codes, as well as the International Business Activity Act of Ukraine.

 What’s the rationale behind this for fiscal authorities? They try to prevent the exporter from claiming payments made for exports as tax-deductible expenses,and to make sure that zero rates of VAT do not apply.

We at AUDIT-VID (Zaporozhye, Ukraine) have a wealth of experience in obtaining positive judicial rulings consistent with the client’s interests and goals on cases such as these. Experience far exceeding that of other legal firms operating in Zaporozhye (Ukraine).

 Our staff would love to provide guidance and advice for you on these matters, as well as any other legal services in Zaporozhye.

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