Legal advisory services in Zaporozhye (Ukraine)

  • Legal advisory services in Zaporozhye (Ukraine)

With the powerful resources at our disposal, such as legal professionals, accountants, and certified auditors, our standard of performance is much higher than that of the competition. This approach ensures the quality of our service as well as the recognized level of analytical expertise.

The outcome of our legal advisory service can be financial gain or avoidance of conflict with inspecting authorities or business partners.

 We at AUDIT-VID firmly believe that,for the purposes of clarity and consistency, client questions regarding issues they want addressed should be presented in writing. In turn, the results of our service are also provided only in writing (legal opinions, audit conclusions) or as a response with specific reference to paragraphs and clauses of relevant regulations or laws. This approach is intended to avoid different interpretations or understandings of the question. Based on our many years of experience in the business, we at AUDIT-VID (audit firm) headquartered in Zaporozhye (Ukraine) think this practice ensures mutually satisfactory outcomes and establishes a shared understanding with clients.

In terms of subject matter, our legal advice and services cover a wide range of focus areas. They span across such areas as tax law, economic disputes, inheritance law, private law transactions, foreign exchange legislation, export and import operations, land disputes, and a host of other issues.

To effectively deal with these problems, AUDIT-VID has highly-qualified and experienced managers and specialists on staff.

Whenever necessary, AUDIT-VID specialists travel to client locations or engage with courts of different jurisdictions, including those situated in and out of the region or country.

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