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Top Management
Vladimir Drach – Chief Executive Officer at AUDIT-VID (JSC)

Владимир Иванович Драч

  • Authorized Representative of the Audit Chamber of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye region, PhD (Economics)
  • Holder of Certificate of Auditor (Series ‘А’ no. 003660)issued by the Audit Chamber of Ukraine on Feb., 14, 1995, extended until Feb., 14, 2019.
  • Holder of Certificate of the International Business School (United Kingdom) and the National Accounting Center of Ukraine awarded upon completion of the program titled, “International Accounting Standards”;
  • Holder of Certificate of the State Securities and Exchange Commission (series‘АА’,no. 000164,as of Jan. 02, 2005)issued as proof of inclusion in the register of authorized auditors who may perform audit engagements within financial institutions involved in providing securities services;

• Holder of Certificate of the State Financial Services Commission (series А, no. 000006,as of May 18, 2004) issued as proof of inclusion in the register of authorized auditors who may perform audit engagements within financial institutions.

sertificat Drach

Vadim Ioffe – Chief Operating Officer

Вадим Леонидович Иоффе


  • 1986 — graduated from Yaroslavl Higher Military School of Finance
  • 1989 — graduated from the Moscow Academy of Finance
  • 2011— graduated from law school
  • 1990 — 1994— worked for the Government Tax Authority for the Zaporozhye region
  • Starting from 1995 — Chief Operating Officer at Audit-Vid




Сертификат Иоффе Вадима Леонидовича


Natalya Chernaya (Certificate Series ‘А’ no. 005250 as of May 30, 2002, extended until May 30, 2017)

Alyona Krishtal (Certificate Series ‘А’ no. 005340 as of June 27, 2002, extended until June 27, 2017)

 Sergey Ostapenko (Certificate Series ‘А’ no. 002357 as of June 29, 1995, extended until June 29, 2019)

Ruslan Manankov (Certificate Series ‘А’ no. 005342 as of June 27, 2002, extended until June 27, 2017)








Key Personnel

Margarita Krishtal – Chief Accountant and Auditor

Mariya Rosenblit– Accountant and Auditor

 Liliya Chervina– Chief Consultant

 Kseniya Belikova– Senior Legal Counsel

 Oksana Kosarevskaya—  Legal Counsel

 Valentina Strelnikova– Accountant and Auditor

 Irina Prikhodko– Chief Accountant

 Lyudmila Didus– Accountant

Alyona Yevseyeva– Accountant

All consulting and advisory services are provided only in the form of written content. However, if urgent assistance or support is required, advice can be made available in the form of verbal communication.

 Our team comprises highly qualified and experienced law professionals standing ready to provide timely assistance and advice, as well as effectively represent your legal interests on a full-service basis in case of any dispute or controversy.

 Our specialists are actively committed to continuing professional self-development and participate in specialist local and international conferences or seminars that facilitate knowledge and experience sharing with industry colleagues and partners.

 Our high professional standards, strong motivation, effective personnel practices and procedures assist us in developing solutions to successfully deal with any client challenges.

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